December 2016 Winter Solstice Portal… Light Language Healing

The winter solstice is quickly approaching and during this month many of you will continue to feel the effects from the energies, downloads, and shifts in the planet as well as yourself in your physical body once again.  As I have stated before you are not sick and this can happen to anyone on any path.

The symptoms include physical aches and pains, dizziness, heart palpitations, flu like symptoms and so on.  Please take a moment to watch the video as I have brought through Light Language healing codes to ease the physical symptoms in the bodies.  As I have stated before, drink lots spring water, eat organic if you can… detox the body and remember there is nothing to worry of.  All is happening for the better.

I also speak briefly of my friend Paul Dobree-Carey as he brings through much knowledge in a more scientific sounding way but it is virtually the same messages I receive.  However, Paul’s connection and writings with source are quite unsurpassable in my opinion, and he is a genuine soul that lives from his true self. You can find Paul on Facebook.

As always… all my love

Divine Love & Grace

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