9-Year Cycle Ending… Clearing Attachment

2016 is coming to an end and in the true test of time, we all have experienced many lifetimes upon the earth, now one must sit back, remember and think about the behaviors they have come to experience and exhausted.  The patterns, the cord connections from the rituals, ceremonies, contracts, vows, links, or any other attachments made to another.   We develop these cords when in relations with another being.   We place and receive these attachment in these life times that develop karmic connections to our soul.  Many times we place them ourselves. Some of these attachments are in good standing and some are not.   Many serve no purpose for us anymore and it is time for the removal of them.    Some of these cords collect energies that weigh you down physically and in all bodies.  This is where clearing must take place.   This is part of the detachment process… but only a small part of it.   It is time to disconnect with those and that which no longer serve you in any way.  Not just physically, but esoterically as well.


When you clear these detachments, you clear the body, mind and soul.  You feel lighter, clearer and free.   Many cords are from long ago, that we ourselves placed on our own soul from past lifetimes.  These are unnecessary.  There are cords attached from this lifetime as well that no longer serve.   Whenever or however they developed, 2016 is ending a 9-year cycle of cosmic proportion and change.  It is time to clear yourself and clear your field of the energy of all that weighs you down.   Know this… it is possible to form connections and karma daily… so do the following ritual as often as you feel it is needed.


So please, call in benevolent angels AA Michael, AA Raphael and AA Chamuel.   Ask Michael to remove all of the attachments that no longer serve purpose in your life from all of your bodies. List them as we have stated above.   With all intentions in the highest love, he will remove them with his sword of light.  When he is done please ask AA Raphael to heal the areas where the aa-raphael-by-keleenaremoval took place.  Now call in AA Chamuel and ask him to fill you, your heart, mind and all bodies with pure unconditional love replenishing you in grace.  Again, he too will come forward with all intentions of love. Graciously, thank each one of them.

Remember, all the angels, our divine guides and the highest benevolent beings beyond the veil you do know… and they are always here to work with you, if you remember to call upon them, as they hold you in the highest regard unconditionally.


We are one in unity consciousness.  We are one in that we are all that there is and you… as we… are love and you are loved more than you know.

You are divinity in truth, love and grace… never forget.

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

In Divine Love & Grace Always,


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