As I woke up Wednesday morning to my surprise, knapone of my divine masculine guides was at my side waiting for me to begin my day.  He brought forth much wisdom as he whispered in my ear, “it is time to write about the coming together in intimacy for twins in the divine masculine and feminine balance.”  I thought why in the world are you here so early… I just want to sleep and I giggled.   As I looked at him from my half-conscious state in my bedroom, yet also in the higher dimension he was coming from, I knew this was important.   He also informed me that it is time for all to know it is time to be ready for the winter solstice this coming December 21, 2016 as more divine light codes will be downloaded into all.  Four years of grueling work are coming to an end that began December 21, 2012.  I was shifted to remember that actual day in my life.  I had surgery that day and remember when I woke and for the rest of the week I was in another state of mind, out much farther than I have ever been.  I refused pain pills at all as I told myself pain is an illusion an only used ice.

one1Just to remind you, here in November, the ascension codes of Oneness have been downloaded through the 11.11 portal.  These codes were significant for all humanity for awakening and the silent push into the state of grace in unconditional love.

December is right around the corner.  I have seen the 31st of December all year by my guides and they have finally told me it is the divine ending of a long period for all.  Before I write anymore I will also tell you January 1, 2017 is another divine day configuring the number 111.  Keep your thoughts positive as manifestation with this number happens rapidly.  Look forward to a new grand beginning for the new year; creating this new beautiful earth, and the coming together in oneness in unconditional love following universal laws will begin.  It is time for you to remember who you are.

For many of you, you have struggled with an girl-heart1on/off again relationship that has been out of balance therefore also struggling with the intimacy part.  The part of the relationship connection to know your partner deeply in every way, not just sexually.   Many in fear stepped back from their partners or relationships, many never even got that close and this is what some of you will refer to as “running”.

This happens when individuals are not in their own divine feminine and masculine balance inside themselves standing in their own power. Being unbalanced in a relationship is when one will give and give and another does all the receiving but neither looks at it this way, as they both have set conditions upon what the other should do, say or be.  As my guide visually showed me the disconnection of the body within, forms the disconnection outside the body.  Meaning, how can you step up in a relationship to form a balance between the two of you, if you do not have balance within yourself.  It is not possible.

This is where the true test of unconditional love begins.  Do you allow your partner their sacred space and time to work on him or herself, while you also work on you?  You know in your heart the answer should be yes, but many of you feared losing that person and did not want to let go or create the space you both need.  This is what some of you refer to as “the chase” or I call “the drama” begins.  You begin fighting your own thoughts and created stories of what the other person may be man-in-waterdoing as you step into your ego, when you should be focusing on your own self-work instead.  You start to think, if I just tell this person they are my twin flame or we are one soul, that they will understand and never want to let you go.   Buzzzz… wrong.  You just pushed them even farther away, as they may have absolutely no clue what you know and you placed conditions on them expecting them to understand.

In unconditional love, there are no conditions and no expectations set upon the other but also it is a heart-reddeeper soul bond, which allows the freedom of being detached from one another.  This gives each person the space to be himself or herself, not be smothered by another’s perceptions of what the other should be or know in any relationship.  This is the freedom to be one’s self in their own divine wholeness.

For the past four years, many of you have done some major inner work, clearing, cleansing, releasing karma, removing the ego and so much more, to seek and find the real you. In this time, your relationship was on and off, back and forth.  Many of you wanted to give up, throw in the towel, and step back from everything as you felt as if you were going crazy.  Some of you tested another relationship seeking what you could not find in yourself or what you thought you could not find with your divine partner.  Some of you stayed in a relationship on the side or a marriage, in fear of not having someone if both relationships did not work out.   Let me say this, you were and are not crazy and all of these actions and reactions are based on fear of not having intimacy in your life and because you did not do your inner work.

Many of you are still doing the inner work and this is exactly what you came here to experience, to learn how to step into your own inner divine balance in feminine and masculine form.  In this girl-layersprocess as you clear yourself, step out of ego removing the mask and all outer layers, and into your true spiritual being, as you begin to balance yourself in all your bodies.  You feel a sense of lightness, your vision and knowing becomes clear and your path now becomes gloriously lit before you.  You no longer question but begin to understand all that you went through for yourself as well as your divine partner, Earth and humanity was meant to be.

As I have stated before, all of us have asked for each experience in our lifetime, as each one brings a divine lesson for our own soul’s growth in love. One of the easiest ways I have found for myself is to let go of everything and allow it to unfold the way it is to be on and in its own divine time.

After the process of ascension into your true self happens, we begin to absorb more light, we vibrate on a higher dimensional level and we now begin to yearn for the intimacy of another or our partner on the same vibrational level, as we now stand in our own divine feminine and masculine balance.  This is when we can reach out to one another in true unconditional love.   You now couple-fielddesire the intimacy, which you could not give or receive in balance before.  You are now ready to represent the balance needed in a relationship, whether it is the existing one or a new one, as the process will clearly show you truth, in your knowing, in your relationship with another soul.

Being intimate with your partner is so much deeper than just the physical part of intimacy.  When you both have done all the inner work on yourself, bringing yourself into your own divine balance, you will now feel an even greater pull, to be in oneness with your divine partner than ever before.  The physical lovemaking and the newly found intimacy of one another connect you and your partner in pure bliss, while reaching new heights, on all levels, in balance, love and harmony more than ever before.

I wish all of you divine unconditional love eternally.  You have worked diligently on yourselves.  Never give up, as what I see coming is so beautiful and you my brothers and sisters are part of the divine creation of this beauty.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.  Be the Love You Are…

All My Love,

~Keleena Malnar
Divine Love & Grace

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