In the recognition of soul between two persons, the intense vibrations of love lift us to a higher consciousness of love, as loves eternal flame for one another burns uncontrollably deep within, it ignites the passion of love between two, to become one once again.


In loves eternal flame of our hearts, we connect to one another sending pulses of higher vibrations of love back and forth healing the bodies of one another, while floating in limitless ecstasy.  Pure soul love, the love of oneness, entwines the bodies releasing you from your own body into the heavens of complete unlimited bliss.  This is the higher dimensional love we all can experience.

Achievement of this will happen when two souls take the time to respect the unconditional love shared between one another in all ways of the heart and soul.  It frees one another from all attachments that are not necessary in this lifetime nor any lifetime.  All must take the time to do their own inner work and cleanse the soul.  Release and let go of all past, present and future issues, traumas, egoic ways, to live in the present in our spiritual being.  This will bring you into living in true freedom of the heart.  Freedom in unconditional love, no conditions, expectations, wants or desires set upon one another in any way or form.  This is when true soul union in completeness will be experienced in the pure oneness of unconditional love, truth, divine feminine and masculine balance and harmony.


When we as souls standing in these human physical bodies remember the unconditional love we came here to experience, we also remember we are here to experience our ascension process into the highest consciousness of love and light.   In our true self, there are some of us as twin flames or twin souls that came here to shatter the old templates, past patterns and behaviors of love, to the true meaning of unconditional love and when we do, we will then merge into complete union of one soul.  We will shatter the old patterns and behaviors of those that chose marriage for comfort or wealth, there would be no more arranged marriages for monarchy or hierarchy, no more false love for material gain.  Shatter the template that love must be gender oriented or follow religious rules.  There will be no more templates that limit love by creating boundaries of who to love and when.  The only template that will exist for our new Earth is the template of true pure unconditional love for another soul and we are here to create this collectively.


I wish for you all to see and understand the bigger picture.  It is not all about the ego “me” that exists in the 3D world, it is about “we” as one in the 5th dimensional world we are creating and that we truly are all that there is in this vast universe.  May you remember that life here on this teaching planet is an experience, a lesson in love and that we can transcend the dark to light in collective consciousness. That we as one have the power to remove the old templates to bring the new.  When we truly live from our hearts in love, we create the change we wish to see and you will see then, that all of us, “we” are ONE.

May you all be enchanted with the most beautiful and profound experience in your ascension process in the journey of your soul and may you understand in truth and love why we are all here.

Love one another, as I love you…HEART 3FOLD FLAME

~Keleena Malnar
Divine Love & Grace

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