Yesterday I received downloads all day and today I am urged again by our benevolent Ascended Masters to share the information.  This information applies to everyone on all different paths or missions.

It is brought to my attention today, that all must understand that unconditional love is a higher consciousness vibration of love, and that if you have not already stepped into it, you will be inevitably stepping into it soon.  We have today the 28th of November (111) and tomorrow 29th of November 11/11, are the final days of November’s gateway. The gateway ends at 12:01 AM evolution1November 30.  The codes of oneness and unconditional love are absorbing into your bodies throughout all of your cells and DNA structure, to awaken you and assist you in remembering who you are.

We wish for you to be aware that the shifts you are and will continue to experience will not be ending soon. December is bringing more light codes and shifts within you as well as the planet through the great central sun.  Many of you will continue to have aches, pains or physical symptoms in the body as you did in November. I will have a video out very soon to ease the physical symptoms for December. If you are currently having physical symptoms now, please go to my YouTube account (Keleena Grace Malnar) for the 11.11 video to ease physical symptoms with light language healing or it is available on my website.

unconditonal-love1The purity of love when it is unconditional is the foundation of the purity within our own true self.  In other words, when we truly live from who we are, from our hearts and in truth, we are living in unconditional love.  This is the consciousness of love the heart and soul recognize as the true self.   This is where we raise ourselves into higher vibrations to give and to receive this beautiful love.  Always remember, we receive in return that which we give.

Through the ascension process, we achieve a level of higher vibrations in love and our bodies begin to absorb more light.  This takes place when we cleanse our souls by clearing our shadow side, past, present and future of all karma, expectations, wants and needs that are not of higher vibrations.

Other ways you will know to clear yourself is by being triggered.  For example, you may have an incident with family, friends or even meet people in your everyday lives that may trigger you in a way to see something within yourselves that you will need to address. Do you ever feel hurt from a situation that causes you to fall from higher vibrations?  For example, when words, actions, or reactions from situations with others occur does this hurt your feelings?  If so, you need to recognize this, as a trigger and that you will need to address why you are feeling this way.   However, if you constantly think to yourself that you are not the one that needs to make changes within yourself, you wallow in your own ego and self-pity wondering why you may be sad, mad, jealous, turn to alcohol or drugs, and are depressed or angry from a situation that may have occurred.

These feelings are your own bodies (mental, bodiesspiritual, emotional & physical) telling you, “HEY… IT IS YOU… WORK ON YOURSELF!” Please listen to your body!  Do not get me wrong, whatever the situation; it is part of the divine plan to assist all parties involved, as everything always is a divine lesson in love.

You may be just beginning the process and others may be going through the final stage of the ascension process with tiny triggers.  Wherever you are in your journey, recognize that the feelings come from an emotional state you are in and know that change needs to take place.  The Master assisting me today is informing me that even after ascension they too experience triggers and are constantly fine-tuning themselves, as every day is an experience with a lesson in love.

I strongly am guided to tell you to not mask the situation by turning to drugs, alcohol, or anything else that would numb your feelings… deal with them.  Begin or continue the much-needed work that needs to be done on you.  Face the shadows within.  There is no one person out there any better than the next.  Every soul has their shadow side to work on and until you do, you may remain in the same state of vibration where you currently exist.  Your ultimate goal is to live in unconditional love.

swan9So how do you get to this state of living in unconditional love, grace and truth?  Key word… “Truth”.  When one can stand in their truth by acknowledging they have work to do on themselves, and actually step into the process of removing the issues, this brings you closer to stepping into your own self-love.  You are now seeing truth within yourself and can now step into your own power to help yourself as well as any situation that may arise.  Cleansing the soul, releasing karma, seeing who you truly are, is when you fall in love with yourself. Remember this, you are love, so ultimately you are falling in love… with love and one must love them self fully before they can give the pure unconditional love they wish to receive.

Through this process, you will learn to detach from everyone and everything when you step into your own divine wholeness.  I personally have experienced the detachment process for a while now.  Where nothing affects me anymore as this is a state of living in a higher consciousness/dimension on higher vibrations where I choose to dwell.  Do not get me wrong, it does not mean I do not care about things that are happening or people; I have mastered the fact that all is illusion and I do not allow events or the outcome of things to affect me.  It did in the past, before my ego-self dissolved, but when I stepped into my true spiritual being, I also choose to live in higher fifth dimensional vibration. My personal work and the mission I am on require me to be in this higher dimensional reality.  Which prompts me to tell you this, many of you did not plan to take on the spiritual work career and will stay in the career you currently have but know this, when you go to your daily job you are still representing yourself as a light worker.  Where ever you go, or whatever you chose to do was to bring the light into that career field.  So do not give up your day jobs if you love them.  To sum this up, when you achieve the level of being detached from all and everything, is when you allow nothing to affect you, by choosing to live in the higher vibrational state of consciousness in unconditional love.

After you have cleansed your soul and stepped love-squreinto your divine self and you choose to live from the heart in unconditional love, you no longer set expectations or conditions upon another.  You now begin to see everything from the bigger picture.  What is the bigger picture?  It is why we are here, most importantly to master unconditional love for our own soul.  We then bring this higher vibrational love into the collective consciousness for all humanity and Mother Earth.

When you master self-love, self-worth, detachment, and cleansing the soul in this process, you now begin to master giving love in return unconditionally.  Give LOVE by setting no conditions or expectations on friends, family members, strangers, co-workers, lovers or anyone.  You now in return receive back that which you give in love.  You also will seek that one someone in your life that vibrationally matches your soul’s vibrations to share your love, your heart and soul in oneness.

When you can stand and remain in the higher vibrations of love in this state of grace, in your truth, in any situation or relationship, is when you master unconditional love.   As above, so below.  As within, so without.


All my love,

Divine Love & Grace

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