11.11.2016 Divine Light Codes Portal Opening

I have been divinely guided to do a light language video to ease ascension symptoms that some of you may be feeling now and during the 11.11.2016 portal that is opening next Friday.  Many have already felt the energy of the number sequences on 11/1 and 11/2 (1111) as both of those days are configurations of the number sequences of one.

Also for those on twin soul/flame path, the divine acceptance of all that is happening within yourself is key to truly be reunited with your twin, if in fact that person is your twin.  Please remember, many that chose this path may have their twin beyond the veil and you may feel them energetically but it does NOT make the unconditional love that you bring into this earth plane any less than those that are here together.  December is a connection month for many twins but only if both are ready.

The winner of the contest from the Twin Flames Eternal Group for my book “In the Name of Me”, co-authored with my friend Dennis, is revealed during the video. Good Luck and please remember that everything is happening in divine time, for earth’s ascension process as well as your own.



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