Today I answer a daily question from many of you… Where do I get my inspiration to write my love poetry?  Therefore, in my truth I tell you… I have a twin soul.  Who is he?  I do not know or maybe I do and deny it, but I feel him every day.


I am from Venus, which is our twin planet, not our sister planet, but our “TWIN” planet.  It is the home of the Kumara’s… my home.

Venus vibrates in the highest frequency of love than any other planet.  I come here in this lifetime living from my authentic self representing the Divine Feminine Energy of the Goddess, carrying and grounding it to earth in my highest Christ consciousness.  I have done this since early 2000’s.   It is part of my divine mission to assist in this massive shift that is taking place.

Many may not understand the role of the twin souls, as they do not have this in their knowing and were not meant to.  Some have not fully awakened to this as they continue to focus on other things they feel are of far greater importance or they are still in their lower dimensional form.  Meaning living in their 3D/4D self, the ego and are still are awakening in the process of their spiritual ascension.

The mission of the twin is to continue the journey of the soul, bringing it back to its highest state of vibrational love in the Christ consciousness.   In this higher state of consciousness, the vibrations raise the frequency of the earth by grounding their energy into the lay lines around the planet.  The lay lines have been lit over the past few years by many that have come to the planet to assist in the repairs that needed to take place for Mother Earth’s Ascension.  This is of great importance, for the continuance of a higher vibration for the children that are being born now.  Looking at the bigger picture, the lay lines are lit and now the twins coming together will assist in the continuance of keeping the highest vibrational frequency in love.  Twins connect their energy/vibration/frequency to the lay lines keeping the frequency up.  The new babies being born are coming in on this higher frequency and this is essentially one of the main reasons we are here.  It is quite scientific, our mission, but it is also the greatest love you will ever experience, as it is the love of yourself.


Another thing I would like to address, some ask me why they feel their twin’s illness or body aches.  Those that are twins have the same DNA blueprint, meaning same cells.  They are but one, in two bodies.  You feel what your twin feels, whether it be under the same circumstance or not.  One may have a migraine while the other is feeling like they are going a little nutty in the head that day.  You affect each other.  The key is balance.  Both need to eat right, rest, exercise, meditate and love one another in purity but most of all love yourself.  You should both be aware that keeping the calm for one another would maintain a more at ease life.

So, this article is meant to answer why I write, not cover everything about having a twin flame or being a twin soul.  YOU are the reason I write.  I represent LOVE in all aspects.  It is my being.  You inspire me with your questions and many of you that have found your great love brings tears of joy to me when I see you comment on my poetry or articles.  I will never reveal that of who I have been as to me, it does not matter, but I do represent love in its highest form in all my lifetimes.  I will continue to write about love, teach, guide and assist whomever I can while I am back in my final lifetime.  Just maybe my twin will arrive, for I carry the greatest love for him in my soul, his soul, our soul eternally.

“Two hearts… One Soul… Eternal Love.” ~KeleenaHEART 3FOLD FLAME

Keleena Malnar

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