The sacredness of love in the sexual act is not dominated from the third dimensional point of view of sex.  The act of love in oneness is of the highest consciousness connection that involves the use of all your chakras energizing, merging and maintaining a heightened consciousness while connecting to the higher realm of love.  The highest vibration of love is our connection to our oneness.  The act taught in the Temple of Love in Atlantis dispelled the sexual acts of today.  So, before you read on, please know this information comes from my divine connection in Atlantis as I write and my work as a high priestess teaching in the temple of love.  Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.


The teachings were of the connection/merging of the souls through the chakra system of two united individuals.  The soul partners/lovers in Atlantis carried the deepest bond connection of the soul.  However, as on earth we stepped into different body types that we were not accustom to that required us to learn how to reunite our spiritual bodies in oneness.  Therefore, the priestesses and priests in the temple of love taught how to unite the spiritual bodies connecting two persons to experience the greatest love flow of earthly yet spiritual bliss with one another.

The sexual act was and still is sacred when you remove the 3D thoughts that have fogged the mind in the physical body.  The act is about making love in energetic form, keeping the bliss within the body not releasing to orgasm right away.   The orgasm or orgone energy comes when you reach the height of intimacy that is always there with the correct partner, the one you truly connect soul to soul in love with.


The teachings of intimacy did include the sensations of the body from physical touch and the kiss to generate the emotions that cause you to seek the connection and feeling of sensual bliss.  It also taught that without what we call foreplay for the divine feminine as her body does not reach the height as quickly as the divine masculine for the mere fact that her sexual organs are located on the inside.

Orgone energy… what is it?  Orgone is an energy mostly released by the divine feminine during orgasm.  Do not get me wrong the masculine does too, but the female releases more of the energy that is contained within the human body.  When released during orgasm the energy is a pure natural healing conductor of thy partner, thyself and more.  However, keeping that energy within the body running through the chakra system heals the body within itself, before expelling the orgone energy in orgasm out of the body.

The sacred sexual act taught us to continue the feeling of the higher love consciousness that strikes just before orgasm by running the energetic vibrations up and down the chakra system as long as the partners wished.


This energy is very powerful for many different reasons and this has been known since the beginning of man.  This is why after the greed of man began on the earth, the sacred sexual act has been down played by religions, controlled by politics and laws that control the human mind on what, when, how and where you should have intimate relations with your partner.   Orgone energy is a natural healing energy to not only the human body but also the earth and with knowing this mans greed began to shame the sacred sexual act.

There is absolutely no shame in the sacred sexual act.  We should be able to teach this to our children at the appropriate time before puberty, for them to understand our bodies engage in this act for sacred purpose, for healing and love.  If one truly understood, why our bodies are built in this way maybe teen pregnancy would change but the parents must lead by example and that is an area not for me to discuss.  If you think you cannot teach this to your children, think again.  I have talked to my teens about it and will continue our openness as communication is a key to understanding sacred love.

The sacred act is an intimacy in love… to be unified in love for the orgasm to be fully productive with the healing energy.  You wonder why or if this energy is possible when it is just a sexual 3D one-night stand?  Look at it this way, a one-night act of sex has no love.  Yes, you may or may not orgasm but the true essence of love within a healing orgasm is not fully in the dynamic of the orgone energy that would bring forth the healing in its fullest potential. There is no buildup of energy as your goal is to get to that orgasmic feeling as soon as possible in release.


Think about how you feel the next day after a one-night stand of only sex.  You thought of your goal to obtain orgasm and the thought of how one will achieve the orgasm with no love.  Many of you feel like well, crap.  Truly, within your heart you feel terrible unless you are purely of ego, then you have no feeling at all about the situation at hand.  Therefore, if you feel bad, do you see how there is no affect from the orgasm.  The orgone energy field was not in full capacity of healing, as there was no soul deep love, no true connection and no buildup of healing energy involved.  Make sense? Therefore, yes, you may have felt great physically during the orgasm, but the healing does not take place with its true fullest potential.

Please do not get me wrong in what I am bringing forth from my connection to Atlantis.  When you find your true soul deep partner in love (the key is love), you can bring one another to orgasm to release orgone energy in any way you see fit, as there truly is pure sacred love involved.  So experience the physical bodies’ sensations your way with your partner in love.  Never cause pain, (physical or emotional) while lovemaking as that is not love and the orgone energy will only heal that one particular part of you, not all that it is meant to.

The physical body is not to be tortured in any way and then brought to orgasm.  Those old behaviors and patterns need releasing upon Mother Earth, from your cell memories and karma to clear your own ancestral lineage.

So let us go back to the actual act.  Now in our current time on earth in the now, you can compare the act to what is referred to as the Tantric act of lovemaking.  This is the closest on earth taught now as that in the temple of love.  This is how lovemaking is meant to be with the physical body to heal ourselves. Yes, our bodies are designed in this way and it does work.


For those of you that have incarnated in this lifetime on the twin soul/flame path, you carry that soul deep love connection automatically.  You may have merged in the sacred sexual act in this way in other dimensions because your twin may not be here in this physical plane.  For those that are here together, your lovemaking will bring you to this beautiful bliss in love, in divine feminine and masculine balance, as that is why you are here.

You and those whose twins are beyond the veil are an umbrella of love for others meaning, your love pours out of your existence to all those around you.  People are quite happy to be in your presence when the loving being that you are exuding love enters the room.  There are also other reasons you are here but this is one of them.  For those of you not yet at this point in your twin relationship, just know you still have work to do on yourself and you will get there as it is inevitable.


Therefore, with this knowledge can anyone experience this highest consciousness of love during intimacy… yes.  Find a local tantric teacher in your area or buy a book that explains all you will need to know.  Do this together in agreement with your partner and together the two of you, will share the most sacred act of intimacy, one can ever experience upon the earth.

The sacred sexual act will engage you and your soul partner above all bliss, fulfilling all your bodies, merging you into the spiritual realm, in the highest consciousness of love of true oneness… of all that there is.

In My Truth, Divine Love & Grace Always…
Keleena Malnar


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