My brothers and sisters this information flows from my higher self and source once again.  In love, take that which resonates and leave the rest behind.

The balance that is happening… please understand that one MUST be in balance with their own divine feminine and masculine within themselves, before they can be in any kind of true holy sacred union with their twin soul or any soul for that matter.  If you are not on the twin path, you as well must come into this balance for your true self as well.


For those of you that have your twin beyond the veil please know this, you are the one not in balance.  Your twin beyond the veil dwells in pure Christ consciousness, in balance, guiding you to ascend yourself, in this lifetime to your true self, releasing all that no longer serves.  Therefore, if you think that since your twin dwells on the other side that all is fine you are wrong; you must know you are just as much going through the process of ascension like everyone else.

In this process of ascending into wholeness of whom you are, you are inadvertently balancing your inner divine feminine and masculine within self.  This is key to all of us upon the planet, to come together within our own self first. Before we can unite with another, whether it is a twin or someone you share soul deep love with, you must love yourself first and this comes with the release of all the old beliefs, patterns, behaviors of past and present that is coded within your DNA.  We are evolving collectively into a higher consciousness in love and this is where the change ultimately begins in you.


This may be hard for the human mind to comprehend but trust in this process, for this is where all of humanity must shift in order to be in true balance with another.  When we as individuals are in wholeness (balanced in divine feminine and masculine within and free of all karma, old beliefs, patterns and behaviors), we are now in our true spiritual being.  We now can attract that which we seek in our life in love, friendships, partnerships and spiritual work.  Pure divine love emanates from the soul being that you are and in this pure love, you attract like.

Therefore, think twice in any kind of relationship where you carry fears, doubt, or question the person you are with.  Step back and begin the work on yourself to free your soul.  When the changes are made within, you may then realize it was you all along that needed to make the change.  If there still are issues, it is up to you to decide whether that relationship is worth keeping.  Remember, release all that no longer serves you.  That relationship may have only been to bring you to this point of finding your true self in wholeness, so that you may be with the one in a true holy sacred union you are to be with, in divine masculine and feminine balance.  Remember, Divine Love attracts Divine Love and you are divinity within self.

In my Divine Love & Grace… Keleena MalnarHEART 3FOLD FLAME

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