Back in July, I announced to a few of my close friends that August would be a little rough for many with the energetic changes coming and since then I have also stated that September would be crazy.  I saw this in my vision like a roller coaster of the highest highs and the lowest lows.  This dear friends, is part of the plan in the master ship of the ascension for earth and humanity.  Each of you is affected in many ways.  For those on the twin soul path, you may feel the energies maybe more extreme as it is time for the first wave of twins to do your final releasing to be able come together peacefully, whether in friendship or partnership for the work you are here to do.  Do not think that it does not affect you, unless you are a robot. These energetic vibrations from the sun, moon, stars and planet alignments affect every single human beings body, mind and soul!


Most of you do not know my work.  In my highest consciousness in love, I work with the stars, moon and planets in my own way for humanity and earth.  You can say I work to create change and balance in harmony for the divine feminine and masculine shift that is taking place. I do not have the tools astrologers have.  I connect with my higher self, my spiritual being in my knowing and do a lot of work in a very different way.  It is just my way and I love that there are those here on earth that are astrologers.  They see what changes are happening with their tools that confirm some of the things I do behind the scenes.  They are the messengers, so kudos to my astrologer friends, we work in oneness and I commend you!

Let me back up a little with 2016.  This is the year of completion on a grand cycle that is by far needed, to ascend our Mother Earth into the higher vibrational frequency.  Many, many of you have worked on this and many of you are not even aware you did.  As many of you know, and many do not, you leave your body at night in astral travel to do work. We are all a part of this change and nobody is more important than the next.  Everyone has a role in the changes taking place and I personally commend all of you!

As this year progresses many of us here on earth did our final clearings to step into wholeness of our true self.  We have walked through this door.  We live from our higher self and do the work we came to do.  For others though, you are just starting the process of ascension.  You will have days you feel you may be a little crazy, your body may spin, you may shake, pressure in third eye and more.  Just know you are going through the process.  It is a shift almost like shedding energy skin of old, to get you to the new.  This brings you forth into the true self you are that is buried deep within this physical body you are only utilizing while on earth.  The energies are assisting you in the shift into a higher state of consciousness awareness.  The awakening to whom you are.


This year has been up and down for many with the energy.  For example, maybe you experienced great suffering this year, but you must remember, without great suffering how do you experience the opposite?  You see, all our experiences are in love, for our soul’s growth on our journey in this ascension process and this is where the crazy energies you are feeling assist.

Back to September, as I said, I told many friends this month would be a roller coaster and here is the part you need to know.  With the alignment of the stars, moon and planets, this is a great karma clearing period for many of you.  Here is an example, if you do not like someone and you do not know why, this person may have been part of a previous life that you experienced an encounter.  These situations can go back to the beginning of time.  If this person triggers that part in you, it is awakening a cell memory.  Now then, you must do the work to forgive the situation; all persons involved and thank the divine for the experience in gratefulness.   Because you see, it was not something to hurt you… it was a soul experience for your journey.  So, let it go.  It is done, it is over with, it is the past and one cannot move forward without the true release of the persons and the situation.

This month is the final beginning of the end of 2016.  The last quarter of the year in an ending cycle, that is much needed for your ascension as well as Earth.   It is the third wave of awakening of humanity from a long sleep cycle.  Therefore, if you are wearing a hat on this roller coaster ride, hang on to it or take it off, for you may not see what is at the top of the next hill.


I ask you to have no expectations for the outcome of what is happening on this roller coaster of energies.  Allow and be open to the flow on the track in which way the roller coaster ride takes you.  What is currently happening behind the scenes every day and night is truly for the best in you.  We work in oneness to create the changes for all and we do it unselfishly, in our highest consciousness in love.  Embrace the changes within.  For good comes when you allow the process to unfold the way it needs be.

In my Divine Love & Grace… Keleena MalnarHEART 3FOLD FLAME

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