The ENERGIES OF TRUTH IN LOVE  are now anchored to Mother Earth.  For many truths will surface and you will begin to clear yourself of that which holdsanchor-energy you back.  There will be many of you however, that will fight the truths surfacing inside.  You may possibly feel as if your body is filling with too much pressure and you will feel as if you will explode.  This will cause you to feel ill, headaches, body aches and sickness as you fight the energy of truth as it surrounds and enters your bodies.

This phenomenal energy wave will affect every soul that walks this planet.  No human is immune to it.  This is a gradual process and truth will come forth in all areas of life and corrupted systems.   It has already begun as the energies were working from above but now they work in harmony.


As within… so without
As above… so below

You are a being of love and for this, how can you truly be the love you are, when you hold back that which is not?  Truth brings forth and cleanses all that you no longer need attached to you in this lifetime.  This lifetime is… the lifetime of love in truth.

We are here to raise love in its highest consciousness and it will be done when every soul steps into their truth in love.  When you do… the changes that take place will reveal the self-love you have been searching for inside yourself.

Let us be one amongst each other once again.  We are the energetic vibration of love in physical form and we are here to… BE THE LOVE WE ALL ARE… to shift humanity and Mother Earth.

Allow all to come forth and cleanse your souls… your being… so that you may truly step forth into the light in truth, love and grace.  I love you…


My Divine Love & Grace Always…
Keleena Malnar/Magdalena

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