It is in the power of our own hearts and souls, in the highest consciousness in love, that we see the light that only we can reach for ourselves, in our very existence upon the earth.

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the woods and called upon my divine angels, guides and masters in the highest consciousness of love for a clear and accurate meditation.  While walking I asked AA Michael if he was with me and I was urged to take a picture of the sun between the tree branches.  Michael whispered take two… in the second picture you see Michael’s beautiful blue as I was lucky enough to see it change in front of me.  These are original pictures once again.  In my integrity, I will never post false photos.  This is confirmation for me of his presence (even though I am clairaudient) and for you, that I do connect with those on the other side of the veil.


I focused on the energies happening now with intentions to bring forth information to assist all, as many are still saying they feel somewhat zapped from the eclipse. With the exchange of energies this month in changes of the sun, moon, stars and planets, the powers are very strong and they will lead you to search within yourself for your own soul’s growth.


Be it that, it is your choice to step into the light.  As I have said for months now, It is time for all lingering karma and attachments to be released so that you may take that step into your authentic self.

I personally have been assisting, as well as others, on the rebirth of the planet and with the other universal changes that are happening for the greatest good of all.  You releasing your karma also releases the old structures, patterns, behaviors and templates that dwell within your soul that affects Mother Earth.

My dear brothers you must accept acknowledge and release the old ways of man. Revise the patriarchal concept in your cell memories.  You are to no longer control women, anyone, or anything but step aside for the rise of the souls in equality…in unity… in love.  My sisters rise up into your divineness, in your pure loving heart and step into the equality that awaits you. You are so much stronger than you know.  Please realize sisters… it is you that rebirths the future of this planet and together the future is to be raised as equals.  No labels and no expectations of either gender as this is freedom of the soul in your authentic self.


Please know the process runs itself with the guidance of the sun and moon with the divine feminine and masculine energies in equality and today is the beginning of yesterday’s end. It is time for all to balance the divine feminine and masculine within themselves to create a new beginning for yourself, earth and all humanity.

A cycle of renewal, rebirth of all souls, humanity and the universe is upon us. Step into who you truly are divinely… for you are love and you are the representation of God/Goddess within yourself.

TRUST… that all will move forward when your own divine light overshadows the darkness within.

Always in Divine Love & Grace… I love you.HEART 3FOLD FLAME
Keleena Malnar

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9.20.2016/119 (119 divine endings)

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