Contrary to belief, the Goddesses are powerful loving angelic beings that for eons have been wrongly accused of being vengeful women.  This has never been true.  The goddesses have always been the divine feminine balance to the divine masculine since the very beginning of time.  The Goddess is the feminine aspect or counterpart to God equally.Maat2

Many goddesses were high priestesses, deities that were hidden away in temples because of the scrutiny they received from those of religious beliefs. Fictional stories were created and myths to change the thoughts and minds of all labeling them as evil, whores, unjust or inhumane.  In actuality, these women fought for freedom, used their magic to bring good, taught gardening, restored peace, worked with all the elements of the earth, were scribes, educated, intelligent and so on.  They utilized their abilities in pure love to protect, love and teach human life.

Over time, the masculine that followed the patriarchal ways demeaned the Goddess with their convoluted stories.   They added these stories and lies to their religious text and bibles. These stories in return inflamed the ego in man that untruthfully made the masculine believe they were kings, royalty, gods, that they did no wrong, creating lies that the masculine is of greater importance than the divine feminine.  This was the beginning of the tilt on the balance scale and the corruption of the women.

Now you see, that the patriarchal control manifested the up rise over the inequality of women.  Wars and greed began and for thousands of years women were forced to accept this unjustness because it was and in some countries still is, written in laws that define the divine feminine of the lesser gender.  This is no longer acceptable anywhere or anytime, in this very time of now upon the Earth or universally.  goddess keleena1

We the original Divine Goddesses are back upon the earth.  We return in divine love and grace once again to free all souls of the patriarchal template forever.  Each divine feminine soul upon this earth carries an aspect of the Goddess within her and with each new day, the codes of light that dwell within are opening.

This is the time of the Goddess, the time of the divine feminine stepping into her power to bring forth the balance upon mother earth.  We are the shift goddesses.  We are the power life force that is bringing forth the change in balance upon the earth and for humanity.  We vibrate in pure unconditional love in oneness and we will not back down until the Earth’s balance is restored.  It is in our blood.  It is in our lineage.  It is in our soul and we in togetherness bring the changes that need be in the purest form of love in truth.  As above… so below.magdalena

Keleena Malnar/Magdalena


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  1. Hello Keleena,
    I always enjoy your messages but this one was particularly good. I was raised to believe that women were equals so I find it somewhat disconcerting that this isn’t the case with all men.
    Are you still planning on writing about the sacred sexual act? Or have I missed it? I’m anxious to learn all.
    Thank you for sharing love. You have a wonderful gift.

    1. Many are shifting Ken. You had great parents raising you this way! Yes i am writing the article but i take my time when i connect to my higher self. Soon…
      Much Love ~Keleena

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