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As a messenger for Spirit and Source, I am Keleena Malnar. I am here during this time of Ascension and Awakening in service for the Greater Good. My purpose is to raise the vibrations of the planet in Love and I do that in many ways. One way is to work with others who need spiritual assistance to reach new levels of authentic self. While I have been doing this work for 12 years in service, I am now actively offering Personal Skype Sessions specifically designed to bring divine guidance with a multitude of healing modalities to people who need it.

Are you experiencing a lot of hard times as you go through this rapid ascension process? Are you having a hard time manifesting abundance? Do you have odd physical ailments or illnesses? Are you feeling emotionally out of alignment a lot? Do you need help stepping into your Goddess power? Do you find yourself feeling confused, unhappy, negative and unsure of what direction to take on your spiritual path? Are you having a particularly rough time in relationships or with twin flame/soul? These are JUST A FEW of the ways I help people.

I have been in service to the Light for as long as I can remember. My most recent work has been helping souls become attuned into their highest vibrational alignment during the ascension process. Working with multitudes of people, I have helped them to clear blocks, heal bodies, receive abundance, attain better work, improve relationships, open chakras, activate dimensional body, clear auras, facility wholeness, counsel twins, heal karmic wounds, align the different spiritual bodies, balance divine masculine & feminine energies, and accelerate & assist in karmic clearing, and more.

There is really no limit to the amount of help I can be to a soul who wishes for assistance at this time, as I am able to work with a vast number of energetic beings, the divine, angels and utilize an exhaustive list of healing modalities with my light language.

These Skype sessions are tailored specifically to your soul’s needs, which become clear to me when I work with you. I am able to bring you what you need to facility progress on your spiritual path, no matter what is needed. And, most recently, I am doing a lot of work with Light Language, which is the ancient language of the soul brought forth in divine love.  It flows through divine unconditional love from my high heart to yours. This is how light language is communicated and healing transfers through me to you. And, it will most likely be used periodically throughout the Skype Session, spoken in Divine Love for mending/healing, (all bodies) blessings and bringing forth pertinent information that you need at this time. My gift of Light Language can assist you in your journey of stepping into wholeness as you seek your authentic self.

*Skype sessions run one hour, sometimes more depending on your needs please see my services page for more information.

If you believe that I can be of assistance to you in any of the ways described above and would like to schedule a session—or if you would like to know more about my Skype sessions—please contact me through my Contact Page.   Click on the Testimonials tab for newest updates from current clients.

Always In Divine Love & Grace…

Keleena Malnar

*Any sessions that run over allotted time will be invoiced accordingly.

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