MY WORK WITH THE ANGELS… (Real Photo of AA Michael in article)

This past winter 2016, I traveled to the Netherlands to do spiritual work with k&Dmy friend Dennis.  Before I go any further, I will state what I always say, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  On this trip we also completed one of our books while I was visiting that I am excited to say will be released soon.  During this time, Dennis was able to see for himself how I communicate, see, hear and work with those on the other side of the veil continuously, for the greater good of humanity and our Mother Earth.  Together with both of our abilities, we accomplished many goals in oneness.

During a dinner outing I had mentioned to Dennis that the angels were here with us.  I then heard a whisper in my ear from AA Michael to take a picture.  He stated he would be in the picture with me.  I took several photos then viewed them with much surprise there he was on my right… the same side where he had just whispered in my ear.  I shared the photos with Dennis who was just as amazed.  Michael then proceeded to tell me to save the photo until it is time.  I must admit I wanted to share it to the world immediately but this was a test in patience.

aa-michael-photo-netherlands-2-with-copyrightHere we are now, almost the fall of 2016 and AA Michael has whispered to me once again… “It is time”.  So why now after all these months?  BELIEF… many are awakening that need the visual.  In addition, some have stated they do not believe my work.  Even those that were once considered family need this proof.

The healing capabilities and the magic within I carry from my lineage are more powerful than ever, to assist humanity, in this very time of now.  I will never claim to be the best at anything, but I can assist souls here now in many various ways.  This is the reason for the release of my photo today and there are many other photos to come.

As some of you know, I do state in my videos that I work with the divine and the angels.  I also work with many Goddesses with my light language such as Venus, Lilith, Isis, Demeter, Vesta, Seshat, Ma’at, Ixchel, Athena and more to assist women in their ascension process quicker.   This allows them to step into their full power in love, while guiding them to wholeness.  I also work with many Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary, Yeshua, Kuthumi,  Mary Magdalena, AA Metatron, Saint Germaine, Sanat Kumara, Rowena (that is a story), Buddha, Thoth, Lady Nada and many more.

This is my calling, my life’s work in my authentic self in service.  I am here first and foremost to teach love and heal hearts, heal body, mind and soul.  I guide souls to assist in ascension for those that are at a place they cannot get past.  I also work with those on twin soul path in their process to ascension as well.  I am also able to help those of you struggling to find the root from issues of past, patterns and old beliefs you need to release to move forward and assist in removing blockages of abundance, love and many other things.

keleena rainbow goddess

So now, it is time.  AA Michael is urging me with the proof in this picture that reveals what I say, what I see, hear and can do, is truth in love, for those of you, that do not believe.

As I truly believe and always say… we all have the magic within us, we just need to take the time to find it.

In my Truth, Divine Love and Grace… ~Keleena Malnar

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