I am your Goddess of Love you see
My love for you… runs soul deep
The magic of my heart fills your soul
You know our love is a connection of old
You look into my eyes and see
My soul from which you remember me
Your Goddess… your love… you know who I am
Your connection to love from that which I stand
See past the days of yesteryear
Allow my love to flow through my dear
You may turn away but you cannot hide
I find your vibrations… they are my guide
The sensual pleasures you seek from my soul
Are the reasons we connect when you allow the flow
Our hearts are two… our souls are one
My lover… my warrior… you are second to none

Keleena Malnar   
Booking Sessions for Ascension, Twins Flames blockages  & more
YouTube: Keleena Grace Malnar,  Instagram:  keleenaloves

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