Let’s dance the dance the lover’s dream
Let’s walk hand in hand in the oceans streams
Let’s make passionate love under the full moon
Let’s stay in bed until its noon

Let’s frolic and play in the fields alone
Let’s kiss all night and watch our love grow
Let’s soak up the sun on our skin so bare
Let’s decorate with flowers your beautiful hair

Let’s catch butterflies and let them go
Let’s make angels of love in the winter snow
Let’s jump up and down and break the bed
Let’s paint your toes a deep shade of red

Let’s kiss on the bridge without a care
Let’s blow a kiss to those that stop and stare
Let’s be free and wild the magic is there
Let’s never look back… we go forward from here

Let’s paint a picture on each other’s face
Let’s always live in love and grace
Let’s say I love you deep from our souls
Let’s always acknowledge our love and never let go…

Keleena Malnar

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