Goddess Sisters… Time to Steer the Wheel

Sisters, I step into my Goddess self in my knowing and bring forth information for this very time of now.  I have personally worked on the shift to balance the divine feminine and masculine upon our planet for a long time now as well as many other sisters have.

The light language I speak has been a great tool to assist many of our sisters to shift into their voice, opening up their goddess powers within themselves.  Each day I hear from some of them and watch them in their growth.  The changes that are taking place within, not only for themselves, but also for the balance we are to bring upon the planet in the unity of our sisterhood.

I say this again, we are not here to overpower the masculine.  All of us are here to step into wholeness, our authentic beings and stand next to one another in equality in this time of change.  It is part of our soul’s ascension.

It is our time to step up sisters.  We must steer the wheel in this time of now… it is our jobs… or change will not take place.  So I ask you, can you stand in your power?  Do you choose to use your voice?  It is your time too.  It is your voice and the only one you have.  It is time to be the example for the children we have birthed.  It is time during this change to find your power, your authentic self, the being that you are and rise into freedom.  It is our time in sisterhood to come together and balance the divine feminine on this planet in LOVE.

Our goal with this mission is BALANCE in harmony.  There is no fight to take over for any gender anymore.  The patriarchal ways are ending when we all, in unity, divine feminine and masculine come together with this understanding.  When we do, we can live in the freedom of how earth is intended.

Mother Earth is created with abundance for all to live here.  To share what we have, to barter our foods for clothing, to work in oneness, to create more abundance than mother earth is already providing and to give back to her what we take.  Instead, we tore down her trees that bore fruits.  We trampled natural foods growing in the woods.  We took away what she gave unselfishly.  We took the animals homes and their freedom.   We as humans stepped into ego and only saw dollars for land in greed.  So now, it is time for change within all of us.

When we open our eyes and see truth in this world, we know deep in our hearts why we are here.  It is time for all masculine and all feminine to unite in an understanding that there was never meant to be or should continue to be control, power, and greed… only Love in the grace of goodness in all humankind.

I honor you my sisters and brothers in Unity and Love.

~Namaste… Keleena Malnar

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