Sisters, we as goddesses are here to bring forth the joys of sisterhood.  We are here to support, empower and lift one another in many different gatherings.  We are here to work together in groups with one another for the ascension of the divine feminine on the earth.

Each group consists of sisters of different paths to balance the sister circle that we stand in.  You will recognize your sisters by soul… hence the term “soul sisters.”   When we work together, we rise in unity that shifts the patriarchal control that has enveloped this planet for thousands of years.  Our work is always brought forth from the heart, with the most loving intentions, raising the frequency of all that surrounds us.

We must remember sisters we are here to shift the earth and humanity into balance.  We are not here to overpower our divine masculine brothers.  I hear this from too many power-seeking women that are stuck in their own ego and past beliefs.  You may know some of these women or you may recognize this within yourself.  This is something you will eventually shift out of when you are ready.  It is all about the inner work within you.  You will remove the old templates and beliefs of what it is the woman is perceived to be.  This may be what causes anger within you bringing forth the power seeking ego thoughts and feelings.  When you achieve this part of your own process, you will stand within your goddess power of self-love and self-worth and will be ready to join in one of the circles to bring balance.

We are also here to support our brothers as they shift into the new role of equality.   You know for yourself how hard it may have been for you to go through the changes within yourself.    Now our brothers must shift the masculine templates of control of being “the man” and of many other roles, they think they have to play because that is what is conditioned within them.  In our unconditional love, we show our brothers that it is not necessary to take on the responsibility of making the woman happy, secure and loved, as we must find this within ourselves.  When both the divine masculine and feminine realize this, the key to equality and balance is reached.

My brothers and sisters this is part of the process of ascension.  Once again, this is about finding your authentic self no matter what role you came here to play at this time.  It is in your own God/Goddess divinity that you see the truth in why we are here at this very moment of now.  To clean up the mess that exists with our unconditional love.

Sisters, you the divine feminine Goddesses that seek your soul sisters are here to make change as we all are.  Remember the most important part of your divinity is standing in the powers within yourselves in truth and love.  We are all equal… not one of us or group is better than the other one.  Reach out and support all your sisters and brothers… unity is key to raise the consciousness on the planet, to perfect the balance we are all here to achieve.

Enjoy your sisterhood circles as you come together.  Life is but only a moment and in this very moment, remember to live in joy, share and laugh in togetherness and love in oneness. 

Keleena Malnar

Divine Love & Grace


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