Today I thank you… my friends and followers WOW… so many of you and I AM so very grateful for each and every one of you! Every day I wake up with many messages from those in need of assistance of some kind whether it is relationship struggles, self-love, spiritual guidance, the return of the 144,000, the twin phenomena, empowering the Goddess within and other situations that are prevalent at this time and only part of the process we will go through for our own personal soul growth and ascension.

Let me be the first to tell you I am not an expert, but I do write from my soul experiences from my high heart and from my higher self. I have said before, one of the reasons I am here is to learn and teach, teach and learn in the higher consciousness of love. Many of you that message me say you are struggling but one thing we must remember is it does not have to be a struggle. If we only allow what needs to happen, this places us on a clear and precise path for our true spiritual being. We expand with every experience when we see clearly why something, anything has to happen. We must learn to accept all we are given in life and allow everything to fall into place the way it is meant to be. There is a greater plan for each one of us. We created it before we came to earth and our subconscious is knocking on the door to our conscious and saying, “hey… this has to happen and it will be okay.”

So please know this… I write from my soul in truth and love, in what I know, what I experience and what my higher self brings forth, but also from connecting with source. Every day I do my best to answer some of your questions in what I write. My writing is NOT intended for ONE individual person as many are experiencing the same situations right now for the grand shift that is taking place at this very moment. Please also know that from the information I am receiving from higher source… many things are happening that you cannot see with your own eyes, but please know they are happening. Many changes are coming forth and we must be ready in our own ways living from our higher self, no longer the ego that we are attached to in physical bodies. Ultimately it is a choice and it is your choice… what do you choose?

Keleena Malnar
In Divine Love & Grace

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