Too many of us are reading articles with the wrong information seeking their “other half”.  If you are one of them on this search for your other half, you will be searching for a long time. Remember if something you read or see does not resonate with your soul… step away.  There is no other half of you out there anywhere.  The search you seek is within yourself.  It is the search of the true authentic being you are.

This search is part of the awakening process.  This is where one seeks truth in the reality of who they are.  So many are falsely led to believe that they are not whole unless they find that other person or twin that completes them.  Truth is you complete yourself… this is key.  You are the only one like you and during this awakening process, during this time of ascension all are finding out who they truly are and what really is happening in this world of control by our governments, religions, banks and corporations.

The journey is a step within yourself that will reveal the answers when you quiet the mind in meditation or yoga during this process.  Allow yourself a calm sacred environment for this journey, as it can be a battle within yourself if you do not allow the knowledge to freely flow within you.  You will be required to release your ego, all fears, doubt, karma, old patterns, beliefs and so much more.   You will basically be stripping yourself naked of all that which you thought you knew and all you learned in your 3rd dimensional body.   You will be requiring yourself to obtain self-love, self-acceptance, open mindedness, and learn to live from heart-centeredness, not the ego mind.

For those of you that are participating in the twin soul/flame mission.  You as well must go through this same journey as everyone else.  It is not about finding the other half of your soul as much as it is about finding your true authentic self.  One must throw away the mask and step into the true being in which they truly are in order to have any kind of relationship in love.  You can never ever truly love someone until you learn to love yourself first.  You will take the same journey to find your true self and when you do, you will step through the door to wholeness.  Once you become whole by finding your authentic self, this is when one can finally be in true sacred union with your twin.  It is not possible before, as you are not living in complete truth of who you are before you become whole.  Both persons must be whole before two can become truly… divinely… one.  Then the real work and more truth to this mission comes forth in the light.

Remember this… no matter who you are… what mission you are on… you are no better than anyone else and everyone will go through this process of finding themselves, during this great awakening period for the grandest shift, Mother Earth and humanity will ever make.

Keleena Malnar… Divine Love & Grace

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