In this world we live in residing in this very moment of now… each one of us has been bestowed the gift of grace, but do you choose to use it, or have you forgotten it is within you?

We are now coming to a moment in earth time when many will fall from the grace they have been given because they have not acknowledged or used it.  Many have gotten lost in the earthly ways of greed… keeping up with the Jones and the want of unnecessary material things, manipulation of others, bullying, control etc.  The ego has taken control of the spirit that dwells within your human vehicle and when one becomes too highly self-centered and always in the quest for greed or competition to be best through manipulation, is when with one quick swoop, you will fall from grace.  You will be humbled… all things taken away with the blink of an eye.  It is the way one will journey into the redemption of them self.

Remember, all you experience is your own divine plan.  For many Grace is an experience that you have asked for in the fall and rise into your true authentic self.  The word grace is defined in many different ways however, in spirituality it is the actions of grace in giving, from your true nature of the love you encompass within, for yourself and for humanity.  It is one of the keys utilized to live in the higher consciousness of love and in higher dimensions.

If grace is an experience you asked for, you will learn how to maneuver yourself into the grace of God in giving with all you do.  If falling from grace fills you with fear, maybe it is time to look at yourself and realize it is time to wake.  We are all here for love and in the grace of love; peace unites within your soul.  Grace comes from giving truly from your pure heart not your ego mind.

Remember this, you are all God/Goddess… you have the power to rise in grace no matter where you are in your journey… in this very moment of now.  ~Namaste

Keleena Malnar

Divine Love & Grace


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