There comes a time when your physical being as well as spiritual must release, let go and forgive.  I will not lie it is not the easiest thing to do as you must tackle the root of all the parts that you must let go of, as well as fully dismantle your ego.  You will face your shadow side shake hands and say thank you for showing me all that I needed to learn not to be but also for what I needed to know.

Letting go is a step-by-step process that is different for every single soul but the outcome is the same.  Removing the old parts of you that no longer serve a purpose in the life, you are striving to live not in the past, not for the future, but only in the now.

Saying goodbye to past lives, past relationships, current relationships, traumas all contain a trigger point.  These triggers are like button pushing releasing emotional feelings of sorrow, hate, depression, rage, anger, deep love, and so on that will bring forth thoughts in your subconscious state of being as well as emotions you do not understand in your conscious state.  They may make you feel ultimately like you are going literally crazy, but I assure you, you are not.

All souls will go through this transformation process in order to ascend to your true spiritual being, so that you may be able to live in the fifth dimensional state of being or higher dimensions as ego created self is not allowed above the fourth dimension.

Therefore, the soul begins the purification process and you begin one of the most exhilarating journeys of your life.   Everything begins to fall away including friends, family, created false masks of self (ego).  You realize you do not need material things that serve no purpose, karmic marriages end, life begins to change substantially as the soul is stripped to bare nakedness.  The only one still standing is the spirit that entered your third dimensional body, whom you truly are.  One may not look at it this as an amazing journey because of the illusionary pains that one must go through to reach freedom, but these temporary pains are nothing and the outcome is so much bigger than you can ever imagine.

Many persons hold themselves back in a rotation cycle that feels endless and I have worked with many twin flames and other clients that get to this part of their ascension process.  Know this, you are the only one that can stop this cycle by the process of forgiving and releasing.  So step into meditation and ask for clarity and guidance to help you find your roots that trigger you… allow the information to flow through to you no matter how hard it may be to face what you will see, hear or know.  You may become very emotional… allow the flow of tears and emotions, release the issues and say thank you for the experience, forgive yourself and others, be grateful,  and know it is no longer needed, let it go from all your bodies.  This process will assist you in the shift of the new real you.  The temporary waves of emotional pains and sensations you feel when you release are worth the ultimate high you will obtain when you complete the process and remember whom you truly are.

Once you have completed the process you free yourself from any attachments that clung to you.  Your body feels lighter, your spirit is lighter, your head is clear, your heart is full and your soul is clean.  This is when you realize you did not need those parts in you to make you feel better about whom you were or are and you do not need to hold onto those experiences to make you a whole being.  Each experience taught you a lesson and all lessons are learned in love.

When you release the unnecessary parts of the created ego version of you, all begins to fall into place and you move into living from your sacred heart.  You then become balanced in your masculine and feminine energies. This is also when you become whole, stepping into grace and the true spiritual being within. Now you can focus on finding your inner child, find the biggest joys, biggest passions, the things that you lost all sense of the world around you as a child and this is where you know that in your heart these things make you the most joyously happy.  In truth, only you can make yourself happy.  Find your joys, find your true passions, step into the real you, love yourself and love what you stand for.  This is when self-love takes over incorporating you into your higher self.   The true spiritual being you are and you begin to experience the hidden magic within.   You have broken through the created outer shell and surfaced  to see the light and life in loves truest form.

Remember this is a small part of your ascension transformation and purification process that you must go through to find the real you.  I have been through this process bringing myself into my true highest self where I choose to live with all intentions, choices, words, thoughts, and actions all from my sacred heart in pure unconditional love.

This is the ultimate test of unconditional love, strength, devotion and it starts with loving yourself first.  Enjoy the process… for you are light, you are love, you are all that there is in this vast energetic universe… and nothing less.  You are loved more than you know… I love you!

Divine Love & Grace Always,

Keleena Malnar


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