In love, we seek our true heart’s desires faithfully as we exist here upon the earth. Life is simple if we choose to live with an open heart from our authentic self. There are no borders, no boundaries, and no conditions set upon another or ourselves when we choose to live in this way. This is unconditional love in life.


Life is to be lived in ease but when others or we place limitations on our self, we tend to create walls that keep us from being our true self, the true spiritual beings that we are.

All of us here upon the earth now answered the call from Gaia to assist in earth and humanity’s ascension. We came with our own special creative abilities that allow us the freedom to live our life by following our true passions. By doing what brings us our greatest joys in simplicity while being our true self.

I recommend this to people all the time… look back at your childhood. What brought forth your highest joys? Did you love to dance, sing, create with your hands, paint, write, act, teach and so on? Step into the feeling of that time and bring forth the memories allowing you to find your true passions. Focus on it, meditate on it, then be spontaneous and just do it allowing no fear to stop you. Do what you love and see what comes forth each day within you allowing your true being to awaken.


Our lives are created in love. Our souls grow each day with our journey upon the earth, from each experience we create and choose to live. Each one of us is important whether you know why you are here or not. No one person is better than the next and each one of us is divinity within themselves.

Step back and look at yourself in mirror… do you like what you see. Are you happy with what you do? Are you creating your life the way in which makes you happy? If not… it is quite simple as only you are the one that can make the changes within yourself. Love yourself, love what you do, find your true passions and create the change within yourself that you wish to be. You ultimately are your own creator.


When you find your very authentic you, you step into freedom. Your words and actions towards others are no longer harsh as you have stepped out of ego. You are not defensive anymore but speak in love and compassion even when you feel others are not this way towards you. You will shift your life opening yourself to new experiences in positivity; your light will shine brilliantly more than ever. You are creating your own destiny in love because you are love and we all deserve to be treated respectfully in truth and grace.

Open your heart… be the real you…step into life with exuberance and share your beautiful love and light eternally.  I love you…

Keleena Malnar
In Divine Love & Grace…


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