It is time to clear up the thoughts for those that do not understand the concept of walking through the door into wholeness or taking that final step into your Authentic Being.
Once a soul’s journey has come to the point in the process of ascension where they have cleared themselves and done all the work, they now are ready to walk through the door. This soul has removed/cleared all of their past life karma of the 3D physical body you agreed to when you decided to come to earth. They have integrated all of themselves within the totality of their true being of whom they are and it is NOT POSSIBLE to go back.
At this point, you have stepped into the world of living in 5D where ego is not aloud nor any kind of darkness. It is not possible to be here if you have not done the work. Many believe they are in 5D as they travel to other dimensions in meditation. This is not the same.
When a human steps into their wholeness, it is a bursting feeling of joy through every cell in their body. You feel light, you feel clean, and you feel only love. The things that use to trigger you no longer exist as all has been released in the process.  You will still feel emotions and have minor triggers but you no longer approach them the way you use to in anger, hate or jealousy.  You will remain calm in any situation and others will notice the change in you.  
This is all part of the process of ascension. You can all do it. You will do it, you have to and we wish each of you well. Enjoy each step remembering everything is a lesson and an experience that you have asked for, for your soul’s growth in love.
You are blessed… be the love you are.
Keleena Malnar

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