Today my higher self is eagerly pushing me to write this as I now live in the Mentality State of the twin soul. As my lifetime guide Master Kuthumi taught me, I am here to learn and teach, teach and learn, therefore, I share this information with you in my truth with love. Take this as you wish as it is clearly my experience and higher self’s connection to source.

As twins souls we are ONE and the same. We are here experiencing polar opposite situations that eventually will reverse to the other person. You both will then experience the same situation because your soul chose this growth before you came. You will not experience it at the same time however. It may come as a shock at first when you realize that your twin is experiencing exactly what you have or vice versa. Do you remember how the other person handled the situation? Can you take this experience and release it for your soul’s growth faster allowing you both to move ahead. You must release experiences with gratefulness and love, therefore, clearing this from your blueprint to move forward together as one.

As twins we are here to support each other not knock each other down. We are here to raise and praise one another lifting each other to our highest love frequency. Remember you are one and the same. If one steps back or hides from a situation leaving the other feeling stranded, not able to help because they have cut off communication, then the growth of the soul stalls. Always keep the lines of communication open and connected for your growth, both physically and etherically.

With your twin soul, you will reach a level as I have after I walked through the door of wholeness. I am completely whole. I have done the work clearing everything blueprinted for the divine feminine part of our soul and I am lucky enough to have this confirmed by many. I am now able to live in my higher self all the time for us. However, my twin is still releasing the old patterns and behaviors of the divine masculine. The template he chose is very hard for one to release and I honor him for doing this, as we ultimately take this experience back to the collective to share with others.

The changes I have noticed in myself are that I am so very strong in all situations. After becoming whole our powers within are even stronger than before. I no longer live from the emotional body after becoming whole. I no longer live in the polarized emotional state of the twin but the mentality state now. (This from my knowing and seeing began in Atlantis.) Meaning for example… whatever I am going through with my twin emotionally no longer affects me, as I now look at everything in the mental picture for the goodness it brings for us. I now see why experiences must happen and praise them, are grateful for them and celebrate them. For example, my twin recently had a verbal outburst at me when I asked him a personal question regarding truth. I remain calm in my wholeness, as I deserve respect and honor the same that I give him. Being confronted with something he does not like within himself, he ended our communication by unfriending me. This is an emotional reaction of the twin not yet in wholeness. In addition, a control issue of the ego to be recognized acknowledged and released. If he would remain calm and spoke about the situation with open communication instead of an emotional reaction we would be talking today. However, I see this experience as a must have to happen for him to break down the ego and begin the releasing to rise up and step into his true self. This is the difference between Polarized Twins in the Emotionality or Mentality State.

My higher self looks at this situation with unconditional love and I energetically only send him love daily, as I know he must release all to rise. I had to do it. We all have to do it. It is not easy but it must happen to move to living in 5D. I look back at how I went through this and how he told me, “When you feel better after all you’re clearing we will work together again.” Now energetically I am saying this to him every day.  BAM… surprise… he is experiencing exactly what I already have and he will many more. I myself already experiencing this for us know how to help as we are here for each other.

Each person’s journey is their own and if we as twins leave our communication open, we can push through these experiences much faster so that we can both be living as Polarized twin souls in the state of Mentality.

This is where I feel in my knowing we all are heading not just twins. Do not get me wrong, you will still experience love, happiness, joy, laughter all the great things. You will still experience when someone has wronged you, but you now know how to handle the situation looking at it from outside of your physical self, but from within your higher self.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

Never give up… we are so close. There is NO Love stronger than that of the twin souls. It ultimately is… the love you share with yourself.

Keleena Malnar
Divine Love in Grace…

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