It is in the power of our own hearts and souls that we see the light that only we can reach for in our very existence upon the earth.

With the exchange of energies today in changes of the sun and moon, the powers are strong that will lead you to search within yourself for your own souls growth.

Be it that, it is your choice to step into the light. It is time for all lingering karma and attachments to be released. There is not much time before the new birth of Mars that is coming and other universal changes that are for the greatest good of all.

My brothers you must accept acknowledge and release the old ways of man. We are to no longer control women, anyone, or anything but step aside for the rise of the souls in equality…in unity… in love. My sisters rise up into your divineness in your pure light and step into the equality that awaits you.

The process runs itself with the guidance of the sun and moon with the divine feminine and masculine in equality and today is the beginning of yesterday’s end.

A cycle of renewal, rebirth of all souls, humanity and the universe is upon us.

Step into who you truly are divinely… for you are love and you are God/Goddess within yourself.

TRUST… that all will move forward when your own divine light overshadows the darkness within.

In Divine Love & Grace
Keleena Malnar

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