I humbly write this to help others…

This past September 2015 I recognized the energy of my twin. At first I was in denial but the recognition was extremely intense… he came into my life like lightning. The overwhelming love was by far the deepest we had ever felt and the orgone energy was instant. It was nothing I had ever experienced until I had with him. We both open our hearts for one another easily. It was inevitable.

After less than two weeks since meeting, endless talking, laughing, dancing energetically, remembering lives, not wanting to leave the other to go to bed (as we are in different countries) the melding process began. I had no idea what was happening but he explained to me we were melding. This process knocked us both down and we both took a week or so in his terms (to restore). The energy that went through my body on and off up and down my spine through my limbs was intense at times, then exhausting. Mentally things were fuzzy.

After the melding, everything we did all happened in by far the fastest process I have ever known. It was as if our melding pushed us into a superfast spiritual working environment in our existence in the now. In six months together, we accomplished so much it would floor the average human and it did take a toll on us both again. We are currently restoring/healing as I write this.

As I sit in stillness in my zero point yesterday, in my knowing, I confirm the information that I have within with Ascended Master Kuthumi whom has taken me under his wing for two weeks for many reasons. One to learn to trust my knowing again (as it has been tested in this process), two never doubt my abilities and three stand in my power and truth at all times. He agrees I have found my answer… that once you meld with your twin you both open to a much faster process in ascension and you bring forth your powers within to higher levels in order to do your spiritual work in togetherness. The reason we as twins agreed to return to the earth at this time.

Months ago, my twin did not accept the idea of us being twins. However, in my own knowing at zero point and confirming with Master Kuthumi, I know the truth, the soul memories and the energy recognition tells all. We are deeply connected and that will never change, as we are one. I am not here to change this person I am here to bring divine unconditional love and do the spiritual work we agreed to before we came.

Many twins do not believe in the twin process due to the old templates running within and they do not accept to be recognized as a twin as it is an issue of control for many. This is one of the many reasons the divine feminine has stepped up in her role to remove the patriarchal control descending it to equality. I am not saying all males are like this, I am simply stating that this is an ongoing issue for many friends that are also going through this process. We as loving beings also must respect and honor that others have their own perceptions of what may be for their own experience.

Goddess Demeter has also taken the time to sit with me and show me that I myself have remained the faithful loving soul I came here as and honor my twin but he has stepped back denying whom we are. Being with your twin is not a reality that is created… it is a reality… it is the other half of your soul. For now, I will continue to restore/heal in this process once again to work. Our soul union above is beautiful… below we both must accept it for it to be beautiful and loving once again so that we may continue bringing heaven on earth working in togetherness for the process of the shift that is taking place on the earth and in human consciousness right now.

Last night I had the most wonderful epiphany and felt the biggest clearing from my twin lifted from me and I woke up knowing how strongly I truly love myself. My passion for writing, poetry and art keeps me motivated to share my experiences with others and if I help just one person in this process, if I touch just one soul today, I know I am doing part of what I came here to do.

In Divine Love & Grace
Keleena Malnar

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