Sovereignty and New Beginnings

Sovereignty and New Beginnings

Blessings Beloved Sisters & Brothers of Light, 

Welcoming New Beginnings in this beautiful month of May, intuition and psychic awareness continue to increase.  You will be working on one of the psychic claires that you need to develop more fully—feeling in your heart space of what is suitable for you rather than thinking will be summoned by your inner being. You are going through the transition of connecting with your energy body at more profound levels for your internal wisdom. 

Feel feel feel. Your heart knows the truth.

In April, Ancestral DNA clearing has created an outcome for many of you to finally feel like your New Beginnings are taking place after April’s freeing Buddha full moon. Know that this is so. More will come forth and anything that limits your sovereignty will become clear and may cause relationship shifts and changes once again within you, your choices for your freedom and with others.

The separation by those still in judgment will show up in your space. How are you reacting to this? Will you judge in return, or will you release this pattern and let others have their experience. I have seen this on social media referring to those of us awakened living in Sedona being labeled and judged. Remember judgment is fear-based reality. Stay in your heart having compassion for others, your truth, and stay grounded.

Cosmic Solar flares arriving through our sun with beautiful rays of light spectrums will continue the shift of your DNA as multiple activations occur. Many will feel the sensations of ascension flu. Queasy stomach, headaches, pressure, pains, cannot eat, and extreme thirst. As always, eat organic live foods provided by Mother Gaia.  Increase your water but make sure to balance with Himalayan salt to allow the water to remain, or you will deplete your vitamins and minerals. Remember, water is needed due to radiation from the activity of light within your body for your transformation.

For the masculine gender, you may be experiencing the release of feeling controlled through the false mother programming. In personal relationships, what men are experiencing is a feeling of control when asked for help or assistance to do something by their partner.  They are being triggered to release what their mother/guardian may have subconsciously fed them that feels like control but also to know that their partner is not their mother and does not want to be. The knowledge that this is happening will help with the release. Also, for the feminine gender to see within herself what still may be coming into her awareness. Compassion is vital on both sides.  Using gentle words is needed. Do not react from ego. Drop into the heart and feel as this is deep in both persons.

Clearing and healing your space at home and within your bodies, for all souls, no matter how far in your process you are will continue. Your patience may be tested but remember patience is a virtue. It is better to allow things to happen in divine time than to jump in the ego and want everything now. Keep a journal of your experiences as they will benefit you later, and remember that Love is the only thing that is real as this illusion fades away.  You are learning to live in love, learning to live from your sacred heart.

All of you are doing so well, and soon you will realize just how free you are by finding your inner divine self.

Divine Love & Grace Always,
Keleena Malnar

2021 May Newsletter