It is Time to Trust Your “Self”

It is Time to Trust Your “Self”

Blessings Beloved Sisters & Brothers of Light,

New Beginnings this month are abound! So much gratitude for the deep cleanse so many went through in March. Many of you may be feeling lighter, liberated, freer from your old patterns and ways of thinking. 

As you drop into your sacred hearts, you create new magical manifestations quicker than ever through the connection of your divine christ self aligned with your soul’s purpose. The power of love and joy in joy will assist you in positive thoughts as you move forward in April. 

On a personal note, as I wake this beautiful April morning feeling peaceful and so much love. I also feel taller and lighter in a sense like I am growing or expanding in new directions as the new me begins to surpass even more boundaries that have been removed. As I leave the old behind, creating the new earth in my personal life, I grow and expand. I am so very grateful for this divine experience! 

We are eternally energetically shifting to become who we are. Limitless, powerful human beings, full of our creator sources of love. Some of you will feel electrical charges flowing through the body as you upgrade this month. You may feel like you are floating; you may feel disoriented and not part of this world.  Being on Mother Earth to ground yourself is best during this and salt baths/ocean dips from my own experience a month ago.

The light of love of the creator is shifting all souls upon the planet in so many ways through activating codes at cellular levels you are not aware exists. Your frequency levels are changing, and vibrational points within the human body are being affected. Some of you are coming online as the healer, the purifiers, transformers, peacemakers, grid workers, and more.  The transformation will continue as all are at different points of their process. Those that have been awake for many years may see a significant change in their soul work. It feels like a leveling up to leave that work behind and the newly awakened to take those positions. 

Many are still healing old wounding and soul-family healing and ancestral collective issues that require letting go in forgiveness through the heart. Continue your focus with your daily healing while being grateful to experience this shift firsthand. Know that those around ages 19 – 30 are feeling the heaviness of the shifting that is happening in the world. These souls came in with no karma and are doing their best to vibrate at higher levels to assist their families and the earth whether they know it or not. Give them space to rest and rejuvenate. Be there for them when they are hurting and do not understand why. Support them and know they may be confused with the way their bodies are reacting to the great awakening. Let them do what brings them joy in an organic sense.

Some of you will be journeying to come together physically and meeting soul family for the first time to connect hearts. It may be a short trip that may lead to a permanent move. Collaborating with open hearts and like minds is vital now.

It is time to trust yourself. Your inner knowing and guidance are lit this month in powerful new ways and will help define many things you are questioning as a hu-man being. Know that the truth is always within you, including your knowledge of freedom upon the earth. You know deep in your heart and soul that it is your right to be free as a god-sovereign being. You have dominion over your body, nobody else.  Take the time to center yourself in your sacred heart and feel your truth before making decisions. 

You are creator beings divinely connected through your sacred hearts eternally with source. Divine union in relationship with yourself is upon you as the great I AM manifest in form. Know who you are beloveds.

Keep growing, keep changing, keep learning. You are destined for greatness as you step into your freedom.

Divine Love & Grace Always,
Keleena Malnar

2021 April Newsletter

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