Upgrades & Hidden Secrets

We are as we stand in oneness. In the unification of the one soul, in all realities. Therefore to take back your freedom is to UNITE and do all things in oneness. 

It is not beyond your mortal human mind to know that if all choose not to pay their taxes, they cannot arrest all people in this world as it is one unified effort. 

These are simple and gratifying pleasures of change that can occur with new leadership in the crystalline world of those who genuinely connect to Gaia’s New Earth Crystalline Grid.

The consciousness is LOVE & FREEDOM in truth on the New Earth. 

Freedom exists where you choose to be and just be. Love is a consciousness, a vibration of our creator source that unifies all in simplicity without effort. However, the action this month is the courage for you to STAND UP and say NO! Not my world, not my reality. Only YOU free yourself by the choices you make. Where do you wish to be?


The relationship with you continues to change this month when you trust in your knowing, your body’s intelligence, and your soul’s pure expression of whom you are. Do you choose to remain in the uncomfortable old timeline that is whittling away, or do you choose your freedom with the new relationship with your GOD/GODDESS SELF, your I AM presence? 

This month relationships will have a spark of energetic influence forthcoming from our galactic heritage, creating an influx of encoded light anomalies that will deeply push the hard-to-find patterns to emerge. 

Relationship cycles change, relationship values come forth, and relationship priorities in freedom enable you to express yourself as I AM; without being condemned by your partner, friends or family will push forth effortlessly many disconnections and new connections. See and feel all that you have experienced in the highest unconditional love in gratitude and honor these relationships no matter how they come to be. 

Other relationships will deepen in love as partners know the truth within themselves. They will honor one another for their honesty and willingness to create positive change for our new earth fifth-dimensional relationship template, which does not relate to the old ways of distorted patterns, behaviors, and belief systems. 

All relationships, whether inner relationships with thyself, or with a partner, friendship, with Gaia, and all soul beings must connect heart to heart in an organic flow of unconditional love for our new earth now. 


Move out of the mental mind of limitation this month as the feeling to push yourself more to create your dreams is applicable in many more ways. Those just stepping into a new freedom to live their dream will begin to feel the sense of freedom you have longed for when the realization occurs, that it is you, that is in charge of your destiny as I AM. 

Acknowledge everything you wish to create from your dreams. Write it down, record it and plant your seeds while keeping it close to your heart. Remember to remain in the sacred mind’s flow and sacred heart connection to allow you to receive and create your passion/purpose in love. YOU have the power, as I AM. 


The continuance of what may seem shocking news to some as earth reveals all that does not serve is seen, felt, and forgiven without judgment. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of drama with what is revealed. Step away and focus your energy on positivity and the new earth you wish to create for Gaia, humanity, and yourself. 

Just like we clear out our closets, we are still clearing the subconscious as the year flows. Spring cleaning for simplicity will be calling you. Release what you do not need in your surroundings or life to allow ease and grace.


Are you feeling the Christ Light from our sun? Waves of energy will be felt in the body this month as the transforming light codes are being transmitted on a daily basis. Your light body will be able to hold not only more light but a higher state of frequency at elevated levels for longer periods of time. However, it is up to you to remain in the higher vibration. It does take practice and positive effort on your part to create this through the sacred mind and sacred heart. Stay in the flow of positive thought for your creation. Know the power of your I AM presence.

Together in Unity and positivity, we create the change in unconditional love. Allow the flow of love heart to heart with all and everyone, as we are, the ONE soul source collectively vibrating eternally.

Divine Love & Grace Always,
Keleena Malnar

2021 March Newsletter