You are the Event creating the new earth now.

Beautiful Blessings Beloved Family of Light,

This month’s divine alignment will occur in our outer universe and inner to continue to shake up the old within you and push many to their limits to remove deep shadows again. Some will feel jilted in a sense that they cannot take any more of the false sense of freedom and become empowered within themselves to seek justice through the abandonment of their old self as they move into ways of the heart.

Deep inner healing of the heart will occur, allowing beautiful changes in the relationship with oneself and possibly relationships in your life. Try not to jump to conclusions.

See other’s points of view and make decisions from your sacred heart.

Others will be feeling the divine alignment of love light of source flowing through them to hold space for those on the planet just waking. These individuals know to focus their energy on what they want to create for the new earth now. 

Those holding this higher vibration in creating new earth now display the awareness that all others will realize when they understand the collective consciousness (you) creates the changes on the planet.

Body Changes & Feelings

The light expansion continues to increase through each cell at all levels causing feelings of vibrations all over the body. Therefore as one begins their inner shift into their light body, the expansion through that which reflects one’s true self creates an unwavering newness within that will shine outwardly. When all chakras of the body are engaged in the waves of transformation, those who feel energy feel a perfect resonance happening in the system as they are approaching harmony.

Many of you will still be feeling aches and pains in the body, headaches, joint pain, nausea and more as the physiological occurrences continue. The density within the human physical body is in need of elimination to become and allow the light presence of God within you to fully shine through. Inner work or self-healing must and will continue.

As you transform your earthly ways of the programmed self, one becomes the true I AM self. The self-identity that is, you and, in essence, is God. Know that all that exists is you. Therefore in God’s creation of all that is, you are becoming the transcendental reflection of the ONE’s self.

Continue a pure clean organic diet, move the body, be in nature, drink pure clean water that you bless yourself or in the sun, and rest when your body is tired.


Challenge yourself this month. Twenty-eight days of focusing on positive. What you wish to create for yourself and all souls knowing that no matter who they are or what they do, all are god as you are, and each person is a piece to this amazing puzzle to assist in this glorious shift that is happening upon the planet.

With divine sacred love in your heart, love yourself and love all others with no judgment, only compassion for all you/they/we have done, and feel the change through your divine spark within you.

May you always know that you are… Eternal Love, Eternal Light, Eternal Life.

I AM Gods Grace & Divine Love.

Love & Blessings,
Keleena Malnar

2021 February Newsletter