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This page provides a list of all Keleena’s upcoming workshops, events, seminars and travel destinations.   Keleena is being called to visit many different states in the USA as well as different countries to conduct workshops to assist all souls in their Ascension process as well as those on the Sisters of the Rose path, quantum healing path, twin soul path and many more.

If you wish to have Keleena conduct a workshop near you or are interested in having her partner in a workshop with you, please use the contact form below to send her an email and write “Event” on the subject line.

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GLASTONBURY ENGLAND, September 22 & 23 2018

Sisters, are you ready to gather together for a powerful and transformational “Sisters of the Rose” priestess Initiation?

Join Claire Stone & Keleena Malnar of the USA, at the Goddess House in Glastonbury England for a powerful two day intensive initiation.

In this two day event, you will learn the history of the rose initiates, be lead in a powerful meditation to the Temple of the Rose, receive purification through rituals and ceremonies. Light language activations will be performed for each individuals personal vibrational needs in the moment of now, to align you with your new vibration activating you at a cellular level. These activations and initiations awaken the goddess within you to take back your power and reclaim the divine magic that has been suppressed in you for thousands of years. Open floor to speak and reflect, initiations and ceremonies will be performed.

If you feel in your heart this is your calling, to transform and rise into the divine feminine goddess you are, this powerful two day event is for you. You will not be the same.

We are calling out to our sisters to claim their divinity and become priestesses of “The Sisters of the Rose.” Your mission and journey awaits you.

When: 22 & 23rd September 2018
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM both days
Cost: £150/per person ( £75/per day)
Where: Goddess House, Nolava Room
Magdalene Street Glastonbury, England

Included on Sunday, in Celebration of Mabon Sabbat and the beginning of the 40 day birthday of Greek Goddess Athena, we will dine together.

Please note: There are ONLY 25 seats available. Please book as soon as you can.

The event includes:

🌹 History of the Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose.

🌹 Discover the 12 temples and Goddess archetypes of the Rose.

🌹 Your soul signature temple.

🌹 Sacred meditations

🌹 Energy clearance

🌹 Energy activations

🌹 Light Language Key code activations

🌹 Truth & Love ceremony

🌹 Transmission from Divine Feminine Sacred Mothers

🌹 Transmissions from Archangel Muriel the current energy           carrier of the Aquarian Sacred Feminine.

Claire Stone, ‘Ask the Expert’ for Spirit & Destiny Magazine has been hosting empowering women’s retreats and spiritual workshops since 2001. She received a set of 3 angelic heart Initiations & activations back in 2014 which was a pinnacle point of blending the Angelic teachings with The Sacred Feminine.

Keleena Malnar -Sacred Heart Ascension from the USA, represents the Divine Feminine with her core mission to move all souls from fear to love to live from their Sacred Hearts in Divine Love.

She is a quantum energy healer and trance-medium multi-versed in all light languages to activate you through your DNA at a cellular level. Keleena has been awake since a child and in summer 2014, memories of her participation in the Sisters of the Rose came forth, activating her to continue initiating her sisters through light language key code activations, healing & purification ceremonies, and more to continue the legacy in becoming priestesses for the Sisters of the Rose. Her client list is global with many sisters in the UK. Check out out her website to read testimonials and to experience Keleena’s light language activations visit her YouTube: Keleena Malnar or Facebook: Keleena Malnar.

Cost for this 2 day event is only $150  and includes a meal on Sunday to celebrate Mabon and the Feast of Pallas Athena, the goddess of Truth.

Please book early to avoid disappointment, places are strictly limited, only 25 seats available.


PAYPAL DIRECTIONS:   In paypal type in this account:  Clairestone444@gmail.com

Using the family/friends option, send £150.00 



MIAMI FLORIDA, August 2018

AKRON OHIO, November 4 & 5th 2017 

(Workshop Attendee Testimonial Chicago)

From the moment I met Keleena, I intuitively knew that she was the “real deal.” Full of compassion, humility, authenticity, and love, her open heart shone through and called me to her work.

I received several energy healing sessions, during which I experienced a powerful and instantaneous alignment of chakras. The results were immediate, profound, and lasting – I experienced an opening to intuition and my own healing powers that has resonated in and through me since.

I am so thankful to Spirit for connecting my path with Keleena’s. An instrument of peace and healing, she is truly a gift to humanity, and to our planet.

Grace Shivers, Arkansas USA, July 2017 Workshop

CHICAGO ILLINOIS, June 30-July 2, 2017