Upcoming Events

This page provides a list of all Keleena’s upcoming workshops, events, seminars and travel destinations.   Keleena is being called to visit many different states in the USA as well as different countries to conduct workshops to assist all souls in their Ascension process as well as those on the twin soul path.

If you wish to have Keleena conduct a workshop near you or are interested in having her partner in a workshop with you, please use the contact form below to send her an email and write “Workshop” on the subject line.


The LOVE TEAM for… Keleena

AKRON OHIO, November 4 & 5th 2017 

Link for information and tickets below:


(Workshop Attendee Testimonial)

From the moment I met Keleena, I intuitively knew that she was the “real deal.” Full of compassion, humility, authenticity, and love, her open heart shone through and called me to her work.

I received several energy healing sessions, during which I experienced a powerful and instantaneous alignment of chakras. The results were immediate, profound, and lasting – I experienced an opening to intuition and my own healing powers that has resonated in and through me since.

I am so thankful to Spirit for connecting my path with Keleena’s. An instrument of peace and healing, she is truly a gift to humanity, and to our planet.

Grace Shivers, Arkansas USA, July 2017 Workshop