About Keleena…


Representing the divine feminine, Keleena Malnar came to Earth at this time to assist in “the grand shift” by bringing Heaven to Earth through the expressions of her love in purity, light, divinity and grace. In essence, her path is to teach Love from the Sacred Heart assisting all souls and twin flames/souls with their ascension process, while helping raise the vibrations of love upon the planet. Having received many unique abilities since early childhood, she is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant.  Keleena is also a medium, energy healer, multi-linguist in light language, psychic and channel.

Keleena works with angels and the divine including Mary Magdalena, Jesus, and the Divine Mother, many Goddesses, AA Michael, the Ascended Masters and more. She also carries healing energies such as the Christed Mahatma and Shamanic for instance, but stands as a conduit for all healing energies to work through her in which she helps elicit clients’ natural healing abilities for physical healing and physiological healing.

One of Keleena’s abilities—and the cornerstone of her current work with clients—is that of a Multi-linguist in Light Language. Light language is a tool she uses for healing, ceremonies and rituals from past life memory that are assisting clients to shift in their ascension process. In direct eye-to-eye contact on skype, in person or by phone, and people are experiencing far faster results than ever before.

eternallovekeleenaKeleena is also a spiritual intuitive artist, channels the divine, is a published author, a writer of divine guidance, poetry, prose and inspirational quotes. Her intuitive writing carries energetic divine codes to inspire, guide and heal others through her gifted words. She has received hundreds of testimonials confirming that her writing has touched many souls, healed hearts, and directed many to their correct paths and more. Messages and guidance that she brings forth is only for the highest and greatest good in divine unconditional love through her direct connection to Source and her own authentic spiritual being.

Throughout her life, Keleena has volunteered—even as a young child. Being a mother of two teens, she volunteered with many organizations including her children’s schools since preschool. Through the volunteer experience, she recognized that what she did for others—for their highest and greatest good, without asking for anything in return—spoke volumes to her that during this lifetime, her soul is here in service.

Keleena vows to use her gifts in the highest honor for all in pure love. Her greatest desire is to see all people collectively stand in unity, in love, in the Oneness that we all are.

“We all carry the power of the Divine within us and it is up to us, to awaken our souls, to find our own magic within.” ~Keleena Malnar

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